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Maria Rosov

Maria Rosov     
Hello, my name is Maria Rosov and I am certified Magister of Cosmoenergy. Petrov V.A. School of Cosmoenergy offers energy healing services, channels initiations, study and guidance assistance as well. Wherever you are we will be glad to work with you. 

We offer 10 -15 healing sessions as beginner study. If you like to go forward with our healing program we offer Master and Magister Courses. Pleas feel free to email or call us to schedule your free consultation. 

As a gift, Petrov V.A. School of Cosmoenergy offers discounted cost for 6 Basic Healing Channels Program. This is combination of Faruhn Buddha, Ferast, Zevs, Shaon, Midi and Gegtas channels. With this combination of channels one can start their journey of self and community healing. 

Thank you, please call us if you have any questions. 

Maria Rosov
(925) 428-9419
www.schoolofcosmoenergy.org  mariarosov@gmail.com